Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Mother 0.2 had a bug, enter 0.201

Yesterday’s release of Mother 0.2 had a bug which I’ve just fixed with the new upload 0.201.

Many thanks to Aaron Koblin for not only reporting that it doesn’t work but also pointing out how to solve it!

The bug was such that if you didn’t have a version of processing installed in “C:\Program Files\processing\”, Mother would start to a blank white screen, because it was looking for OpenGL dll’s in a path that does not exist. In the new 0.201 upload, I have included these dll’s and altered the program so that it uses the included ones.

I did test the 0.2 version on three different machines, but it turns out all three had processing installed on the above path. Will need to start testing on a fresh Virtual Machine installation of Windows or I’ll keep bumping in to simple errors like this…

So if Mother 0.2 didn’t work for you, the good news are you didn’t do anything wrong, simply download 0.201 and give it another shot!

Mother 0.2 for Processing 0156 Released!

I have just finished the new version of Mother, so head over to google code, download it and check it out!

Besides now working with Processing 0156, I have also added an important new feature that allows processing incoming OSC values using spline interpolation, thus allowing for better animation.

Note that these changes mean that you will need to make slight changes to you previous ‘visual synths’ in order for them to work.

This version is still Windows only for now, however I have an untested Mac version that I can email you if you would like to volunteer in testing it out.

And as always, I am really curious to hear of your opinions and experiences with Mother!