Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Mother 0.3 in development

After a while of radio silence I thought I’d post a little about what is in development:

  • Anti-aliased rendering, a very important feature which has improved image quality considerably.
  • Support for Processing version>1.x
  • A more straightforward way of handling sketches which use external libraries. In previous versions libraries had to be packed in the jar file of the sketch. Now libraries are loaded dynamically when needed from their original jar files, so all a user needs to do is place all library jar files in a designated folder.
  • Mac OSX support. This I do not develop myself however, so I cannot make any promises. I know for a fact a contributor has 0.2 running fine on OSX, so incorporating the new 0.3 features should be straightforward.

That is all for now; I do not at the moment have a time-frame for a release, since I’m also experimenting with incorporating prototype 2D filter support. In the meantime, let me know if you’d like copy of the source as it is and I can send it to you!