Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Mother 0.6.1 minor update released

0.6.1 is only a minor update, adding no new functionality. The only change was to re-compile the Foetus library so that it is also compatible with Java 1.5, as on OSX there were reports that also recent versions of Processing was running on JVM 1.5. If Mother 0.6 is running fine for you, there is no need to get 0.6.1.

Mother 0.6 released for Windows and OSX

Thanks to the continuing involvement of Krzysztof Golinski on the project, developing of Mother has now sped up a bit, hence the increased release frequency!

New features in Mother 0.6:

  • Small mistakes fixed from previous 0.5 release: Waltz synth example was not working, and I failed to mention in the documentation that you also need the Shapetween library to develop new synths.
  • More comprehensive secondary screen support introduced.
  • pre(), draw(), post() and dispose() methods are now called properly in synth libraries.
  • It is no longer necessary to put an Init() method in sketches intended as Synths for Mother (Finally!).

As always, you can download the latest version from the Google code repository!

TED talk features software I’ve written

My PhD supervisor Beau Lotto recently did a TED talk in Oxford, which features two  applications I have written.

First is a live video to sound perceptual substitution program, followed by an application that uses an image as a score for a virtual 32-piece classical orchestra. Both are featured from 12:20 onwards, but of course the whole talk is a very interesting watch!

Mother 0.5 released, now available both for OSX and Windows!

Mother Icon

New features in Mother 0.5:

  • Updated to use Processing 1.0.7
  • Performance is much improved
  • Stability is also greatly improved (a hard to debug multi-threading problem was fixed)
  • OSX-port implemented

The OSX port was possible thanks to the contributions of Krzysztof Golinski and Splatgirl, many thanks to both of them! Krzysztof also designed the great graphic above for the Mother project.

So go ahead and download the latest version from the Google code repository!