Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Invited seminar at Queen Mary

I was invited to present a seminar on my PhD research at Queen Mary University’s Centre for Digital Music, on Monday the 8th of March, at 16:15. Entrance is free and accessible to all. For more information, and information on how to get there, please refer to this link.

A presentation of a novel, entirely custom developed system, for facilitating the live performance of Visual Music / abstract animation. The hypothesis is that by using musical instruments as the primary user interface for the performance, we may usefully re-map the embodied/enactive knowledge that musicians have of their instruments. Musicians may then perform live visual music, taking advantage of the expressivity their instruments afford them. For this work, a new control data mapping strategy had to be developed, of ‘Mutable Mapping’, which entails manually manipulating the mapping during a performance, gradually altering and re-routing digital control data.