Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Mother 1.0 Beta is up, Processing 2.0 compatible, and much easier to use than before!


I have now updated my Mother library for it to work with Processing 2.0, and took the opportunity to also address the usability problems the previous version had. This one should be much easier to get started with!

If this is the first you hear of it, Mother is a standalone host for running multiple Processing sketches in parallel, and mixing their output, in a manner analogous to VJing (more info and videos at

I’d greatly appreciate if you would give it a try and let me know how you get along, treating this release as a Beta for now!

It works fine on Windows 7 & 8, 32bit and 64bit, and on OSX.

Getting started instructions are at the top of the “Mother Documentation.pdf” included in the library zip file, along with more info on the library.

For the previous version I did get complaints about it being convoluted to use, particularly for Processing users not advanced enough to work with Eclipse.

I have here done my best to address this issue, do please let me know what you think, what errors you run into, and how you would suggest I further improve the library!