I’m looking for musicians to accompany with live visuals!

I am currently looking for musicians/groups interested in my accompanying them with live procedural visuals!

My motivation for developing the Mother system has always been to perform with it in a live setting, accompanying a live musical performance.

My musical tastes are quite broad (but see my last.fm profile if you’re curious), so I am looking for any musical genre that would work well with the type of visual material I am able to produce: abstract and generated digitally in real-time.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the videos I have uploaded to Vimeo, to get an idea of what visuals I am capable of creating.

In order for my system to work, musicians will either need to be using live instruments, or programs such as Ableton Live, so that I have enough MIDI and audio channels to use as control input for the visuals.

The timeframe is from now until mid January 2010, and I’d prefer to collaborate with musicians living in or near London where I currently live. The collaboration would be free of charge, and the only thing I expect in return is that musicians agree to be interviewed about their experience, so that I can write about it in my thesis.

If you are a musician and collaborating sounds appealing to you, please get in touch!

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