Mother 0.6.1 minor update released

0.6.1 is only a minor update, adding no new functionality. The only change was to re-compile the Foetus library so that it is also compatible with Java 1.5, as on OSX there were reports that also recent versions of Processing was running on JVM 1.5. If Mother 0.6 is running fine for you, there is no need to get 0.6.1.

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  • Thanks a lot for the library!!!
    I am still reading the documentation I hope I will get it to work right on my Mac machine. I have a live performance were I would like to mix video processing sketches.

    Thanks again ^^

  • I’m just found out about this application, and it is just what I was looking for. Really I am super excited.

    The only thing I was wondering is if you might release an unlocked version of the max controller you ship with the software.

    Unless I’m missing system there is no way in your demo controller application to add new synths as the file is locked.

    I tried to copy and re-write the max patch manually but I got lost.

    Any help appreciated, because this is the perfect bridge I have been looking for. Basically I need to switch between Processing apps for a theater production I am doing without have access to a mouse and keyboard and without the screen going to desktop or whatever, – brilliant, thanks for the work.

  • Hi!

    I’m even more excited than you hearing my program is getting used by interesting people :)

    Indeed, I notice my Max patch example doesn’t contain the code, that is just an oversight, I will email it to you immediately, put it on the website, and make sure I include it in the next release!

    Thank you for your interest, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to ask.

    Ilias Bergstrom

  • Illias,

    How about we get some sort of repository of Synths going??
    I would like to co-ordinate this with your oversight…

    It would be a good way to get more people sharing and contributing to the project…

  • Hi Grigori!

    I’ve had the idea for that for very long, I vaguely remember discussing it with you as well at some point.

    I just don’t have the know-how to set up something like that, my web development skills are restricted to switching between wordpress themes :D

    Also at the moment I am more than busy with finishing my PhD thesis in time for a deadline…

    If you do set something up I would be delighted to contribute with sketches however, and linking to whatever you make from all the Mother websites and documentation!

    A good idea would also be to perhaps add an option to OpenProcessing, of attaching Mother code. Just a thought of course, I don’t know how easy that would be either.

    Speak to you soon

  • Thanks a lot for Mother – it’s just what I need!

    I’m having the problem with many of my sketches that export to Mother that they only show as black covering the whole view and hogging the cpu (while they work fine in Processing).

    I read from the documentation that you are working on getting debugging info from Mother to pd/max but that this already works when running Mother in Eclipse from source. If anyone has the knowledge of how to set up Mother in Eclipse and would care to explain it in a how-to form, it would be highly appreciated, and save people (at least me) a lot of head scratching ;) .

    again – thanks a lot for nice software! and +1 on the synth repository idea!

  • - Martin, hi, thank you for wanting to use Mother :)

    Sorry to be a bit vague in my answers right now, I’m in the middle of moving to Barcelona from London, and so have no regular internet access and a lot of planning to think about…

    Firstly, the black background issue is easy to address: in any processing sketch, for each frame you draw, you have the option of either clearing the screen by filling it with a single color (black in hour case), or leaving the previous frame drawn, and drawing on top of it.

    This is in Processing achieved with the Background(x) call. Simply skip this call in your draw() function, and the sketches should stack on top of each other as intended!

    Secondly, have you managed to create Processing sketches that use OpenGL within Eclipse? There is a lot of info on this on the Processing forum, and is the basic prerequisite for subsequently being able to run Mother in Eclipse.

    If you have, just get back to me, and I will email you the latest eclipse project for Mother!

    As for the synth repository, indeed, it would do a lot to make using Mother easier to use :) Perhaps, while waiting for a proper repository, people could just send me their synths, and I could include them in the latest Mother release, as a simple workaround to making a proper website, which I’m not in a position to make…

    Thanks for your interest, do let me know how you get along!

    Ilias B.

  • thanks for the swift reply!

    Yes, as it says in the documentation, background() should be left out, but you did point me in the direction to what was the issue: I was calling colorMode(RGB, 2). with the second argument ’2′ defining the range of the values for color() from 0.0 to 2.0. Mother seems to override colorMode back to the default (colorMode(RGB, 255)), so no wonder I couldn’t see anything.

    Does Mother have colorMode as a global value for all synths? Is it possible to set it? It should go into the documentation though.

    My next issue is a difference in the rendering:

    thanks for your help. I’ll send you some synths as well later to start the repository.

  • Hi, I find very interesting this library but i can’t make it work on my mac, I don’t know what what I’m doing wrong, I already update the mother.ini file, and when I try to use PureData controller example I got the next error:
    “print: sendtyped /Mother/Add_synth ss Gradient Grad_02
    error: udpsend: no method for ‘float’”
    thannks for any help. I can´t wait to start using Mother.

  • Hi! It looks to me that you may be trying to run the example with a version of pure data that has a different set of externals than the one I used?

    Sorry if I cannot look into it better at the moment, I’m in the middle of relocating to a new country. I should be done in a week or two though, and will have a better look at the questions I’ve gotten on Mother after that.

    In the meantime, make sure you are using the pure data extended version, as that is the one that the controller example has been used with.

    Your problem should be simple to solve, as it entails sending OSC messages using PD, which is an often used and well documented feature, so you should be nearly there :)

    Ilias B.

  • Hi Ilias,
    First of all, Mother rulz!! It’s soo usefull. Thanks
    I’m working a short clip (videoclip) totally coded in Processing, and I must use your software (if else I couldn’t imagine how to make this project ;) ).

    I encounter some problems though. I need to use some external libraries like ocd, glgraphics, and some other ones. I tried to use ocd (lib for camera management) and it makes mother freeze.. Then I tried other cam lib like (PeasyCam and ProScene), but it doesnt work too. Is there a constraint that I didn’t read about it?

    About glgraphics, i saw in your video examples that you’re using it (especially the offscreen buffer technique). I tried it, but it doesnt blend with other synths… am I doing somthing wrong there?



  • Hi!

    I’ve never actually used a video library with processing, let alone on a layer of Mother, so I don’t know how it could be made to work. There is no reason it shouldn’t be possible though!

    I imagine that some hacking may be necessary to get it to work, lust as was the case for glgraphics: I had to make special provision in Mother for glgraphics support to work.

    What I can assist you with if you like, is an eclipse project for Mother, so that you do not have to set it up yourself from the source code repository.

    I’d also gladly send you some example code demonstrating the use of glGraphics in a Mother synth.

    Let me know and I will email you either or both!

  • Hi, I wonder if you can help? I am getting just a black screen from Mother? I have checked the sketches (both Gradient and Waltz) which both work fine in the PDE but don’t work in Mother.. it’s not the colorMode issue above. I thought it was the mother.ini filepath for the synths but that seems OK. I am working on a Mac with Processing 2.1- should I roll back to an earlier version of Processing? Really keen to get this working, so perfect for what I need!

  • Will:

    If you just get a black screen that means everything is ready!

    A gray one means Mother’s crashed :)

    So I imagine the only issue you may be having is getting the OSC bit working.

    Have you tried downloading oscP5 and running the examples in that? Perhaps also trying to send OSC from somewhere else to your OSCP5 Programs? For example from Max/MSP, pure data, touch OSC, etc…

    Often firewalls block OSC traffic for example, so your issue could just be that.

    Hope you work it out!

  • Hi Ilias
    Thanks for the note and the email! Appreciated!
    I think it’s the commands in OSC to get the sketches to load and unload in the topmost layer that I am having trouble with (I got OSC working). I guess they don’t appear by default?
    thanks again

  • Hi Ilias. What a wonderful software. I use MaxMSP/Jitter often and I’m loving the possibility to integrate with Processing thanks to you.

    One question: I open the Max controller for Mac you’ve included. But i can’t edit it (in order to adapt it to my needs). Am I doing something wrong? Or I really have to rewrite all the objects/messsages that will allow Max to communicate with Mother?

    Thank you!
    pablo dias

  • Hi!

    The controller example is quite simple, and as such very easy to recreate! I could email you the max patch of course, but it offers nothing different from what you would quickly patch together yourself!

    I use the CNMAT OpenSoundControl max external for sending OSC messages, if you download that you are good to go just by modifying the examples included with the max external.

    I have emailed you the patch for my max external nonetheless.

    Hope this helps!

    Ilias B.

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