Mother 1.5 Beta released


I updated the Mother library, to make it compatible with the latest version of Processing (2.1.1), and to add a host of new features.

For more info on how to get it and what it is go to it’s dedicated page:

Let me know how it works for you and do send me any examples of work you’ve made using it!

New features in version 1.5:

  • A new type of visual synth is now supported: effect synths. These do not draw any geometry themselves; rather, they modify the image created by previous synths, much like FreeFrameGL plugins usually work.
  • Blending, transparency parameters are now automatically implemented for all synths.
  • An experimental feature, which may need some refining, but seems to work for my use-cases: while previously the hierarchy of synths within Mother was a stack, now it is a tree: this in practical terms means you can apply an effect synth that only applies its effect to the synth it is stacked over.
  • A new example has been created to demonstrate the effect feature, and the new tree hierarchy.
  • Each synth now draws into its own off-screen buffer. This requires more graphics card memory, but allows for all the above new features.
  • OSC Address patterns for addressing synths are now slightly modified, meaning you will need to update your previous controller programs: while before the address pattern was: “/Mother/Child/YourSynth01/ItsParameter”, now it is: “/Mother/YourSynth01/ItsParameter”. Simply put I did away with the “/Child” fragment.
  • FoetusParameters now automatically handle OSC message receiving, in the normal case where a single value is set. Typetag strings with more than one parameter, or more complex handling than simple value setting, still requires manual handling however. Please refer to the examples for this change.

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