Onar3D – Maria Louiza


I have uploaded a much better version, watch this instead: vimeo.com/4164841

Here is my first piece created using the software I’ve been developing. As you may notice, the graphics are controlled primarily through musical notation data (MIDI).

The software used for the visuals is Mother 0.3, see related posts on this page.

The music I have also made myself, using all hardware musical instruments. The synthesizers are mostly programmed, but the drums I played live on an electronic drumkit.

Please excuse the visual quality! Until I get my hands on a high end frame-grabber for recording from my computers VGA output, my simple little scan converter will have to do. Note that the dropped frames are a capture artefact as well, on my PC it runs smoothly…

Have a look at the screen grabs on flickr.com/photos/10401337@N05/sets/72157616429723122/ to get an impression of what it really looks like!

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  • Nice work. Here you have a link to a grabber card that would work for you


  • ahuj,


    I was looking at the epiphan DVI2USB frame grabber, which appears to be similar to what you propose, albeit external. The problem is these cost a lot more than my scan converter to dvr solution, and also require an extra computer :)

    Just yesterday I succesfully managed to modify Mother so that it can run in non-realtime, thus supporting recording video to disk.

    It involved creating a rudimentary OSC-sequencer, but it was well worth it, as the created animation looks just like when running in realtime. So now I will put a new video up within the week…

    Ilias B.

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