Onar3D – Maria Louiza – High Definition

Onar3D – Maria Louiza – HD from Onar3D on Vimeo.

This is the HD version of a video I had previously uploaded. The previous upload had terrible quality, a result of my using a scan converter to grab the video from my PC’s VGA output in real-time.

As a consequence I took the time to modify Mother so that it can render video directly to disc in non real-time mode. It took a few days of work and involved the creation of a rudimentary OSC sequencer among other things, but the improvement in visual quality was worth the effort!

The graphics are procedurally rendered in real-time, and are controlled primarily through musical notation data (MIDI).

The software used for the visuals is Mother 0.3, a program I’ve developed for VJ-ing with multiple Processing.org sketches.

The music I have also made myself, using all hardware musical instruments. The synthesizers are mostly programmed, but the drums I played live on an electronic drumkit.

Even with an entirely digital production and HD encoding pipeline however, the video looks quite a bit worse than what the program does when running in real-time, because of the video compression. Colours are washed out, and some pixellation appears around fine details…

So do have a look at the screen grabs on flickr.com/photos/10401337@N05/sets/72157616429723122/, and download the better quality video from the link at the bottom of the vimeo page, to get a better impression of what it really looks like!

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