About Mother

A library & host by Ilias Bergstrom for the programming environment processing, with contributions by Krzysztof GoliƄski and Splatgirl. Last update, 27-Feb-2014.

From the colour organs of past centuries, to todays VJing and new media art performances, artists and scientists have shown perpetual interest in the live performance of visual imagery.

The limited aesthetic flexibility permitted by existing tools however has meant that artists striving to differentiate their work have most often been the inventors and creators of the tools they use.

To address this obstacle, we have developed a set of tools, that make use of and extend the popular Processing open-source multimedia programming environment.

Together they will enable artists without the skills of computer programming to significantly influence the content of their visual performance, while also keeping the programming of new graphics algorithms accessible to those seeking greater creative freedom.


Download Mother version 1.5.0 from https://github.com/onar3d/processing-mother/releases/download/latest/Mother.zip

Note! This version is only compatible with Processing v 2.1.1, and will not work with older versions of Processing.


Use the built in Library Manager in the Processing IDE: "Sketch->Import Library...->Add Library..." and pick Mother from the list.

Or download and unzip the "Mother.zip" archive into your libraries folder.

For instructions on using Mother, read the "Mother Documentation.pdf" file which is included in the Mother folder created after either of the above methods is used.

Keywords Live, Performance, VJ, VJ-ing, OSC

Source. The source code of Mother & Foetus is available at google code, and its repository can be browsed here.


Find a list of examples in the current distribution of Mother.

Watch the following videos to get a better idea of what using Mother allows you to achieve:

Onar3D - Triton Leaves - Festival Version - HD from Onar3D on Vimeo.

Onar3D - Maria Louiza - HD from Onar3D on Vimeo.


Platforms Windows, OSX
Processing 2.1.1